Distributor Management System

Manage your Orders, Stocks, Delivery, and Payments on the go and automate primary ordering.DMS helps you to efficiently conduct primary sales automation with continuous replenishment methodology, thereby enabling you to stay on top of your market trends and focus on new revenue streams.


Why is DMS needed?

  • To understand the importance of using a Distributor Management System, we need to examine the critical challenges of Channel Sales Management in India
  • Majority distributors are small, unorganized entities that have inadequate capital and tech infrastructure.
  • Multi brand distributors find it difficult to manage data for the various brands they handle.
  • Large distributors lack the actionable data and information.
  • To penetrate rural areas, it’s necessary to add several levels in the distribution chain, adding cost and inefficiency.
  • Lack of actual time data on orders, inventory, claims and returns leading to stockouts or overstocking.
  • Limited penetration of the internet, and substandard logistics infrastructure.
  • This lack of information management has an effect of delay over your entire sales pipeline.

What We Offer?

1.Inventory Management System

2.100% Paperless

3.Returns Management

4.Intelligent Insights

5.Lesser Working Capital

6.Primary Sales Order

7.Payment Gateways

Applicable for all sectors: FMCG, Fashion, Consumer durables, Hardware and more


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