Customer Relationship Management

The customer relationship management (CRM) module stores all customer and prospect information. That includes the company’s communication history with a person, for example, the date and time of calls and emails, and their purchase history. A CRM improves customer service because staffers can easily access all the information they need when working with a customer.

Many businesses also use CRM to manage sales leads and opportunities. It can track communication with prospects and suggest which customers should be targeted for certain promotions or cross-sell opportunities. More robust CRM modules may support customer segmentation (enabling more targeted marketing) and advanced contact managers and reporting tools.


Study Abroad CRM

Abroad Studies CRM is an integrated platform for managing application procedures, lead management, and various agents or referrals for abroad studies consultants. To manage your education abroad, you no longer need various platforms and solutions. A single platform will meet all of your operational and business demands, and then some. This is an industry-wide platform that brings together all stakeholders, such as students, brokers, universities, and referrals, under one roof and provides value to everyone. Abroad studies CRM fosters a welcoming environment for those interested in studying abroad.

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Builder CRM

It's a collection of web tools that assist businesses keep track of potential new consumers and strengthen their existing client connections. Customers who are happy are more likely to do business with you, as we all know. As a builder, you're well aware that there's more to construction than meets the eye. You may be an expert on the construction side of things, but you also understand the importance of the human element. You're not only constructing structures; you're also constructing relationships.

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Graphic Designing

Club CRM

Productivity tools like Club Management Software tap the power of automation to streamline and speed up routine tasks such as data entry to save time and effort for your employees, and at the same time minimizing errors.

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Event CRM

CRM software manages customer relationships primarily through the use of data. In the instance of an event, it would evaluate the data to assist the organisers in developing a campaign that would aid in lead generation, i.e. attracting more attendees and generating more business through their events.

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